Criminal/DUI Defense

The Joseph A. Tang Law Firm is your shield. As a first priority, Joseph always seeks to determine whether his clients’ cases could possibly warrant an outright dismissal. If the opportunity to have his clients’ cases dismissed is not present, Joseph’s focus shifts to negotiating the best possible deal which prioritizes his clients’ priority including keeping his clients’ out of jail and keeping their criminal records as clean as possible. Throughout the process, Joseph will also seek to deliver the best possible result as efficiently as possible without resorting to undertaking resolution of his clients’ matters through a jury trial. However, if that is not possible, then Joseph has the skill, the desire, the know-how, and the tenacity to take your case to trial to win an acquittal. Joseph will relentlessly fight for his clients in order to obtain the best possible results whether it’s during pre-trial or at trial.
The Firm’s criminal and DUI defense practice covers all state criminal proceedings including:

  • DUI Related Offenses
  • Assault and Battery Related Offenses
  • Domestic Violence Related Offenses
  • Firearm Related Offenses
  • Narcotics Related Offenses
  • Probation Related Offenses
  • Property Destruction Related Offenses
  • Theft Related Related Offenses
  • Traffic Related Offenses
  • Trespassing Related Offenses

The Firm’s coverage area includes all of Los Angeles and surrounding counties.
Civil Plaintiff Litigation

The Joseph A. Tang Law Firm is your sword. Joseph will pursue your civil claims against all responsible parties on your (or your organization’s) behalf. Joseph is committed to obtaining justice against those who are responsible, and full compensation for your injuries or the violation of your rights. If he cannot accomplish that out of court, he will sue in order to fully litigate your legal claims in a court of law. As a trial attorney, he is not afraid to fully litigate your claim when it is necessary to obtain full and fair compensation. He is not afraid to take any case to trial – win, lose, or draw. He will aggressively fight for your rights.

  • Personal Injury
  • Consumer Protection
  • Business/Commerical Litigation

Contingency Fee: No upfront attorney fees or hourly fees to pay. You pay a percentage out of your recovery for attorney fees if Joseph obtains a recovery in your case. If he delivers nothing, you pay him nothing. That means Joseph only earns a fee if he delivers you satisfactory results.
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NCDD National College for DUI Defense: Joseph A Tang
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