Driving Under the Influence Defense

We are an experienced law firm that aggressively advocates for our Clients when they are facing Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) charges. Our focus is to deliver the best possible results for all our DUI case Clients. DUI criminal convictions are serious and can have a lasting negative effect on a person’s permanent criminal record, ability to legally drive, professional aspirations, and reputations. Not to mention the heavy financial cost of a conviction. That is why we are dedicated to being aggressive advocates for our Clients facing DUI charges.

We have the experience and expertise to identify and establish effective defenses to fight DUI charges. Whether it is conducting a thorough investigation, having a Client’s blood sample retested by an independent lab (“Blood Split”), or aggressively plea bargaining DUI charges down to lesser charges, we employ effective strategies and tactics which yield positive measurable results for our Clients time and again. As a result, we have an established track record of obtaining superior results for our Clients.

Criminal Defense

In addition to our DUI defense practice, we also practice in Non-DUI related criminal defense as well. All of the same criminal procedures and principles that apply to DUI defense and law also apply to other categories of crimes. We are experienced in and familiar with the strategies, tactics, and legal options available in non-DUI criminal cases just like DUI cases. Our attitude and professional performance is the same for Clients facing non-DUI related criminal offenses as our Clients facing DUI offenses. Some of the most common criminal cases that we represent Clients in, include:

  • Domestic Violence Related Offenses
  • Assault and Battery Related Offenses
  • Theft Related Related Offenses
  • Property Destruction Related Offenses
  • Traffic Related Offenses
  • Probation Related Offenses

We also represent Clients in cases involving other categories of offenses as well.

Personal Injury – Motor Vehicle Accidents

We are an experienced law firm that aggressively advocates for our Clients’ rights when they or their loved ones have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. We are a compassionate law firm that understands the severe financial and emotional impact of injuries that accompanies such cases, and the effect these impacts have on our Clients. We are committed to seeking justice against those who are responsible and recovering full compensation for their injuries and violation of their rights.

Contingency Fee: We typically employ contingency fee arrangements in our injury cases. This means that we do not collect unless our Clients win. If we obtain a recovery for our Clients they only pay a percentage of their recovery for our attorney fees. If we deliver nothing, then our Clients do not have to pay our attorney fees. No upfront attorney fees or hourly fees to pay. Non-contingency alternative fee arrangements may be utilized depending on the case.

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